Dry Stack Walls

Dry Stack Walls

Dry Stack Walls Dry stack walls are beautiful choice for for retaining needs and other purposes around your home. With no two stones being the same your wall will be its own unique piece of artistic stone work. There are also a variety of looks you can achieve with dry stack walls. A popular choice in Vancouver for the stone is basalt. Different sizes of this particular stone are available as well as shapes. A more uniform look is possible if so desired. It is also possible to make a more random unstructured appearance. Whatever your vision involves we can find something to match it.

There are also a wide variety of types of stones to choose from. If you're looking for a particular colour to match the rest of your project then you shouldn't have any trouble finding the right coloured stone to do so. It is important to make sure that your stone choice is available in proper shapes and sizes your project will require. For more information on stone choices and inspiration for your project visit or supplier:

Dry Stack wall supplier

Once you've selected your stone trust our professional stone masons do bring your vision to life. As with any masonry work, it's important that your dry stack wall is installed properly to industry standards. A proper foundation needs to be set for the particular area and correct drainage needs to be installed. Like a puzzle without the final picture on hand, placing the stones is an art in itself. Our years of experience and commitment to our work will bring your masterpiece to life.

Our attention to detail and dedication to creating beautiful stone work will make all the difference on your project. Everything from the foundation up will be done properly with no step skipped. You can trust us to leave you with a beautiful finished product you can count on lasting for ages.

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