Fireplaces are always a place in the home where people are drawn to. A focal point for any room they are found. They provided a kind of warmth and light that immediately makes feel comfortable. With fireplaces being such a key feature within the home it deserves to be made all the more beautiful with professional stone work.

Like most materials, stone comes in a wide range of colours and textures. You shouldn't have any trouble finding the stone that will match you exterior design of your home. It's also important to have the stone installed to match the look your going for. Anytime your working with stone it is a form of art. The pieces typically do not come in a prearranged pattern. Instead it is more like a joint puzzle of random pieces. Our experienced installers have the experience and expertise to find the picture within the puzzle pieces. We will make a difference that you'll see on your project.

Besides natural stone there are a variety of other concrete based materials that also work just as well. Bricks can create a more traditional look for your room. There are also a wide range of concrete products that simulate the look of stone quite well. These products are far more economical with a wide range of products.

If you need any help deciding on a material for your fireplace have us come by for a free consultation. We can help guide you to the material that will bring your vision to life. Once you've chosen your material you can trust us to do the rest! It's important that any type of masonry work is done properly with the right backing. We carefully take care of every step of the process to make sure your project is structurally sound and looks amazing. Call us today!

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