Flagstone has long been an appealing choice for a variety of applications. It adds a natural feel wherever it is used. With a wide variety of stone types to choose from it also very versatile for fitting in with different designs.

The draw to this material typically comes from the unique it makes every individual project where it is used. Every single piece is as unique as a fingerprint. When these "one and only" pieces of stone are properly arranged a piece of art is created that can not be recreated anywhere else. Few other materials can offer you this in such a stand out way.

Once you have have decided on using flagstone for your path, patio or other type of project you will want to pick a professional installer. Only experienced installers of such materials have the eye necessary to find a picture within the random madness of the pieces. Trust the installation of your project to our professional staff to ensure your flagstone project is every bit as stunning as it should be.

The final placement of the stones is not the only important part of the process when installing flagstone. A proper foundation needs to be created in order to ensure the longevity of the finished work. When flagstone is laid on a sand base there needs to be a proper amount of compacted sub grade beneath that sand to ensure it doesn't shift over the years. On other applications it will be necessary to mortar the flagstone in place. When mortaring you need to be doing so on to a properly made concrete slab or some other form of foundation. Different applications haven't different needs and this is why it is necessary to trust your flagstone project to a professional. We understand the requirements of individual jobs and make sure it is built to last.

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