Masonry Cladding

masonry cladding

Masonry Cladding adds a certain charm to walls within the home as well as on the exterior. It is a durable choice that typically only needs cleaning to keep up its appearance. A near endless selection of materials available means you'll be able to find the colour texture and shape to match your particular design needs. Whether you're looking for rustic or modern you'll be able to find something to create your vision through the use of masonry cladding on your project.

Many tile materials are available for masonry cladding if a more uniform modern looked is desired. Many of these choices are manufactured materials such as porcelain, but cut natural stone is also available. Typically they are quite easy to work with and create and a clean smooth surface when complete. The variety of materials available come in a wide range of colours and styles. These tile like options can add a touch of class to any project.

Natural stone materials are also available to create a more textured appearance for your wall. Concrete materials that mimic the look of natural stone are another options to create this look. The concrete materials are typically are more economical choice in many applications. Whichever one you go with will add a wonderful look to your project. They are great for creating a feature wall within the home or to add a more rustic charming look to the exterior of your home.

No matter which material you choose you will want to be sure it has been properly installed on to an adequate backing that can support the weight. Our professional and certified installers understand the needs of each individual project. All areas where masonry cladding is required will be inspected to ensure there able to properly support the cladding. Once we are satisfied with the backing no steps will be skipped to ensure the proper installation of your work. When the stones are placed are experience will guide us to creating a beautiful finished project. You'll be more then satisfied with our work and your guests will be envious of the beautiful craftsmanship.

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