Steps and Stairs

Steps and Stairs

Steps and StairsSteps and Stairs  are part of almost every home. As part of the landscape in particular they are commonly needed. Typically these steps and stairs need to be done in stone or concrete to stand up against the elements. A wide range of materials of stone and concrete products are available for the use of creating steps and stairs.  Masonry cladding is also an option for creating the look you want on a particular set of steps or stairs.  Whatever your vision may be there will be an options to create it. We can help you find it and bring it to fruition!

Concrete options for steps and stairs mainly involve interlocking blocks.  They come in a wide range of styles and colours. All the options available will make it easy to find the right look to match the rest of your home.  These interlocking blocks are also great for retaining walls. A lot of times with retaining walls steps and stairs are needed. It's easy to create the steps and stairs needed tied straight into the wall with interlocking blocks.  They are always an effective and economical option that looks great in most applications.

Natural stone is also a great choice for steps and stairs. A more natural look can be achieved if such a design choice is required. Large pieces of stone can be cut flat on two sides. This creates a smooth surface for the top of the step while keeping the natural look for the face.  Other more shaped pieces are also available for a more structured look.a variety of stone options and finishes are available for different looks. With natural stone you get a durable material  with a timeless appearance making it always a good choice.

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